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Haruka Morishita
Haruka Morishita (森下はるか in Japanese) is a character from Selfish Fairy Mirumo De Pon!, Season 4 (Charming). Her partner is Panta. She has orange hair and yellow eyes. Haruka fell in love with Dylan years back. Her ambition is to become a manga artist. She is very kind but is even scarier than Azumi when angry—usually with a smile that scares other characters (Dylan once says that as a child, his worst fear was Haruka getting angry). In the anime, she is Panta's human partner and still has feelings for Dylan. This causes Dylan to break up with Katie for a while. When Haruka realizes that Dylan's true love is Katie, she finally gives up on him. At the end of the series she is dating Koichi Sumita. (First appearance: episode 154)

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