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Mirumo de Pon! List of MusicEdit

Openings to Endings, Season 1 to 4Edit


"Pretty Cake Magic" by Kaede+Cheek Fairy (Mai Nakahara+Etsuko Kozakura)(eps 1-28)

"Kechirase!" by Becky (eps 29-52)

"Happy Lucky Onegai Mirumo (Happy Lucky Please Mirumo)" by KAEDE-CHAN (Mai Nakahara ) (eps 53-78)

"Fun! Fun! Fantasy" by Yuuka Nanri (eps 79-102)

"Rabu Rabu" by PARQUETS (eps 103-126)

"Ashita ni Nare" by PARQUETS (eps 127-150)

"Sugar Sugar Love" by PARQUETS (eps 151-1)


"Mirumo no Warutsu (Mirumo's Waltz)" by Kaede( Mai Nakahara)(eps 1-28)

"Sarara" by Becky (eps 29-51)

"Asunaro no uta (Asunaro's Sound)" by Kaoru Kondou SWEET SHOP (eps 53-65)

"Precious Moment" by Kaede Minami and Mirumo (Mai Nakahara and Etsuko Kozakura) (eps 66,70,76,77,78)

"Taisetsu na Tomodachi (Precious Friend)" by Yuuki Setsu and Rirumu (Yasutoshi Tokumoto and Mayuko Omimura) (eps 67,71,74)

"Gomen Nasai wa Mahou no Kotoba (The magic words are I'm sorry) " by Azumi Hidaka and Yashichi (hitomi and Yukiji) (eps 68,72,75)

"Supesharu Sumairu! (Special Smile!)" by Kaoru Matsutake and Murumo ( Souichiro Hoshi and Rie Kugimiya) (eps 69,73)

"Odorou mahou no asouzai byon" by Mirumo, Rirumu, Yashichi and Murumo (Etsuko Kozakura, Mayuko Omimura, Yukiji and Rie Kugimiya) (eps 79-101)

"Boku no Tonari" by Sana (eps 103-126)

"Brownie" by Sana (eps 127-149)

"Cherry Girl" by Sana (eps 151-171)

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