Peter is Mirumo's best friend. He is very sensitive and gentle. His instrument is the cymbals and loves donuts.


Mambo is a friend/classmate of Mirumo who likes to show off, but gets his "plan" backfired because he shows off things that are boring. Then his friends all tell him he is very lame. His instrument is the concertina and likes Confetti candy. He also has a kind older sister named Rumba.


Bike is a friend/classmate of Mirumo who thinks he is beautiful. He likes Anna. His instrument is the cow horn and he likes Mont Blanc. He also has a French accent in the rare English dub version from Singapore only.


Gabin is a friend/classmate of Mirumo who thinks of everything as very negative. His instrument is the harmonica and likes bubble gum.


Anna is a friend/classmate of Mirumo who is very smart and likes Bike. Her instrument is an electric guitar and she likes Apple Pie.


Sazo is Yatch's accomplice. His best friend is Hanzo. Sazo's instrument is the glockenspiel. He has a crush on Yamane.


Hanzo is also Yatch's accomplice. His best friend is Sazo. Hanzo is very good at tongue twisters and his instrument is the xylophone.


Incho is a friend/classmate of Mirumo. He often starts off his sentences by saying, "According to my calculations". He has a toy piano as his instrument and is the class president. He also likes to eat steamed buns.


Raichi is a friend/classmate of Mirumo, and is also the gossiper of the fairy world and twists up the truth. Her instrument is the castanet and likes gummies.


Moon is a friend/classmate of Mirumo who is very quiet and never talks at all. His instrument is the ocarina and likes to eat a mysterious sherbet.


Ocho is a friend/classmate of Mirumo. She is, in Mirumo's words, "a rich young lady", and is very fashionable. Her eyes always seem to be closed. Her instrument is a violin, and her favorite thing to eat is unknown.


Chai is a friend/classmate of Mirumo. He is a master at kung fu and is real good at sales. His instrument is a gong and likes spicy food.


Yurin is a sweet muglox who is Rirumu's cousin. In Episode 144, she fell in love with Ichirou, the head of the Warumo Gang, and almost married him, but Ichirou left her to continue trying to take over the kingdom with the rest of the gang. At the very end of the episode, she ends up starting a relationship with Gorou, much to Ichirou's shock. Like her cousin, her instrument is a tambourine.


Kumomo is a muglox who filled in for Mimomo at her shop when she (Mimomo) went on maternity leave. She is rather clumsy.

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